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Product:Transfer machine 1200


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Product Details:

 1.Parameter techniques    

 ◎ It is used for the thermal transfer of synchronous belt and poly-V   belts’ trademark .

◎ Thermal transfer printing length :1220mm

◎ Transfer speed :5-50mm/s variable frequency adjustable speed

◎ Heating type:electrical heating

◎  temperature range:max 200°

◎  Support rollers:Silicone roll

◎  Heating power :6kw

◎  Heating tube : Stainless steel heating pipe              

◎  Total power:6.5kw

◎  Support roller and heating roller :driven by the Cylinder

2.Description of the product 

The machine is consistent of Chassis,heating device ,support device pressure roller device and transmission device.

Chassis:Welded steel plate for supporting the entire device

Heating device :the heating pipe Installation inside of the heating roller ,the temperature controlled  by the temperature-controlled meter and temperature sensor .

Supper device : It is composed of fixed rubber roll and movable supporting pedestals. The supporting pedestals are driven by the cylinder which is easy to unload the sleeve.

Pressure roller device :The movement arm driven by cylinder,the heating device fixed on the pressure arm.

Transmission device: the motor drives the rubber roll via the chain wheel. The rotating speed is adjustable by the variable motor.

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